The word 'Noega' refers to an Ástur old fort town placed in Torres cape, the northest place in Asturias. Eventually, Noega inhabitants moved to neighbour roman city Gigia, nowadays named Gijón or Xixón.

Noega Pipe Band was created in 1991 by the renowned Pipe Master Alberto Fernández Varillas, who leaded it until 2005, when Pablo Rodríguez Alonso (pipe master and a piano and baroque recorder qualified musician) became the band's director, paired with Arsenio Ruiz González, drum master, who carries on with the splendid job made by Manuel Cordero for years.

Since its very creation, Noega has been aknowledged for its traditional sound, achieved with the aid of their C pitched bagpipes. These instruments offer stability, power and a extremely fine tuning that allows the band to play along with other kind of instruments and bands. During all of these years, Noega has performed in many Asturian, Spanish and international events.

director Pablo Rodríguez Alonso

bagpipes Pablo Rodríguez Alonso, Nicolás Iglesias Pérez, Rubén de la Roza Menéndez, Hugo Alfonso Peinado Entrialgo, Óscar Gutiérrez Carrasco, Xurde Menéndez Caravia, Sergio Rodríguez García, Sergio Lobo Fernández, Isaac Arboleya Quirós, Mario Corte Rodríguez, Sandra López Pérez, Alberto Rozada Piquero.

percussion director Arsenio Ruiz González

snare drums Arsenio Ruiz González, Valentín Benavente González, Celia Menéndez Caravia
tenor drums Sara Corte Rodríguez, Carla Huerta Migoya
bass drum Luis Manuel García Barba

members . info
coding assistant:
Alejandro Benavente

Valentín Benavente sr.

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